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Our Smile Campaign Continues…Join Us!!!!

Our Smile Campaign continues

(Elearning Infographics provides great Resilience Living Tools for our children )

Our future is all about how we interact and connect with the world…Inspiring our children to connect with others through kindness is the ultimate in importance.  We love the ideas we can all take part in.  Let’s encourage igniting our Smiles to Brighten the World. 

Remember our goal…One Million people on Our Smile Team.  What an impact we can make.  See below…

(Elearning Infographics provides great Resilience Living Tools for our children )

Join Us!

When you join we will send you the number of smile packets you need for your Smile Team!   We just ask for any donation.  Email us at for more information.  Also, remember to subscribe to our posts and other info about our Non-Profit Work …Our Non-ProfitCorporation, Resilience Living Connect‘s main work is providing education and resources to support our communities and igniting the world with kindness.

Let’s perform magic together beginning with sharing and spreading Smiles.

Best to all,

Adele Arnesen, Founder/CEO and Executive Director

A Smilin’ Thanksgiving Wish!

 We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~Thornton Wilder

Oh, what treasures we have to be thankful for.   I look at life with all the special moments I experience.  Some are thought filled, some challenge me, some make me laugh, some just bring out a heartfelt smile!  These moments bring out “Resilience!”

Now, I feel so grateful to have a special non-profit, Resilience Living Connect.  Please visit Resilience Living Connect.   Join us!  Much is happening!  Within this next week, our special work will be posted.  Join our Experiosity Smilin’ Team.  Our Mission….Working at creating magic is people’s lives!

The leaders of our Nature Team, Chuck and Curio, send a message as they search out life’s happenings with Experiosity.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Somewhere in Time – Time to just enjoy!

Somewhere in Time – Time to just enjoy and connect with music peace in our hearts. It brings out that special inward Smile!

Happiness Info Alert!

Happiness Info Alert!  Resilience Living Tool!

Jeff Haden writes….We all want to be happier and feel a greater sense of fulfillment. That’s why I often write about what happy people do more often, about some of the habits of remarkably happy people, about things to stop doing so you can be happier at work, about simple daily habits of exceptionally happy people.

The points written in the article by Jeff Haden shares and support ways people do get a sense of fulfillment.  Provides each of us resilience living tools to connect with what we do.  Here is the link..

Want to be much happier? By Jeff Haden

Add this to your Resilience Living Tool Box.  Remember to always share your smiles with all you meet!  Have a great day!

Join us and subscribe to receive more tools!  Also an alert …will be opening our first store front.  Info coming soon.

Please send your comments on this article.  Test out one of the ideas and let us know how it helped you!

Best to you!  Adele

Resilience Living, L.L.C.

Headquarters:  316 W. 1st St.#2     Port Angeles, WA 98362


Plant Smile Seeds!

Plant Smile Seeds!


“Where do you get Smile Seeds? ”  You Ask

The Garden Store,,,Discount Store Garden Shop,,, All Over!  Most seeds are on sale now.  Even our library has an seed exchange cabinet.  They are free!!!!!!!

All seeds with the right care will bring SMILES to you and all people around you!  Gardens are know for taking care of that Stress we do not want.  So….

Here are some Seeds

Plant them…and they could look like this.  It is Lavender weekend, all the Lavender is in full bloom in the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State.  Gorgeous.  During my trip last weekend here is a photo I took of a garden of Lavender.

Still have time to plant.  So I invite you to Send out a Flower Smile Today.

Have a great day!  I am going out to see more lavender gardens today!  Oh, the colors feed my soul!  What is your favorite flower.  Send me a photo and I will post it.

Here is a link to learn about gardening on PBS.  Love these shows.

See you tomorrow!


Smile Campaign brought to you by Resilience Living, L.L.C.



Go Outside Today!


Resource:  Read more about it

Spreadin’ Smiles – Invitation to Join and Become a Nature Reporter!

Join Us …Invitation to Spreadin’ Smiles Naturally.  Questions for you too.!

Moving to Port Angeles, Washington and opening a Store Front for all of our activities and retail goodies has been quite a wonderful experience.  My eyes have been open to a world unlike Yellowstone.

I have been working in Yellowstone for 6 years.  Loved every minute.  Woke me up to what Muir wrote about and was trying to tell us about the woods and the mountains and the special medicine that only the natural world could provide.  

For me …Over and over again and again these special years living and working in Yellowstone I began to really understand how the natural world touched people who really could not live without a hike coming up in the next few hours or few days.  Touched by those who carried a camera with them at all times to capture that special moment.  Catching a photo of a great bison near the car or a wolf running after an elk or an Osprey on her nest by the river are just a few of the many moments people share every year.  It is so amazing!  Facebook is such a great venue to keep in touch with what is happening in this special place.  If you have never been to a National Park, look for a National Park near you.  You will know what I mean when you make that special visit and not just visiting one time; moreover, many times.  You just can not spend a day without looking outside and seeing what is happening at any time of the year.

So…As I write this blog post, I have a question to ask you..

“What does the natural world mean to you? ”   Do you go outside often?

“Do you spend time taking kids outside and enjoying time discovering what you can findoutside?”  (even worms and  spiders)

“Would you and your kids have fun calling a special number and report what you find outside.  We are planning a special  Kid’s Nature Reporting Club.    We hope that you would also decide to  take a camera with you and you can then share a photo of  this special treasure and send them to us to  …                                                                                                        Experiosity Smilin’ Place.”  

Planning to create videos and a reporting map with your  findings.  We hope that many will join and help us learn about the types of animals and plants from all over.  This will be a Smilin’ Activity that people of all ages will enjoy.

 I hope you will send me your comment.  Please know your identity will be kept private.  However, we do need your email  and name so we can follow-up with you on your first contact .    Please send your comments and contact information to …                                                                                                              resilienceliving@gmail.com

We appreciate you joining us   We will also send you more inforation on our program and where to call in your nature report.  Also as a thank you, we will send your children a  picture of Chuck and Curio, our mascots.  It is our goal to reach as many children and their families to join together to share the 0utdoors where each of us live.

Please forward this post and invitation to your friends.  We  thank you!  A Big Thank You!

              Adele Arnesen, Founder and Creator

Resilience Living, L.LC.                316 W. 1st Street Unit #2                                                                                                              Port Angeles, WA 98362


We wish you all a Bright World filled with Smiles… Our Mission!






Celebration Time for Spreadin’ Smiles Blog!

What a day!  I am finally back to this special blog… “Spreadin’ Smiles Blog”

First, I want to thank so many people who have subscribed to my Spreadin’ Smiles Blog.  It is so exciting to see so many of you are interested in reading my blog.  Hopefully, you are also interested in joining me in celebrating people who are igniting the world with their smiles.

Right now…let me share what is happening with this campaign.  All this work has moved to the State of Washington.  There is even a storefront  where I hope you will visit  Our place is called Experiosity Smilin’ Place.  What I plan to do is begin connecting with the community of Port Angeles, Washington.  The town has already reached out to me in wanting to be a part of the mission in bringing smiles through activities we will develop right here at our Experiosity Smilin’ Place.  Have included a photo of our children’s playhouse which will promote both reading and having fun with puppets.  I have never known a puppet who did not bring a smile to anyone’s face.  So…our first phase is to bring art, books and puppets to the Experiosity Smilin’ Place along with calling out to all Kids to become an Experiosity Kid Reporter.

You ask …What does a Kid Reporter report?  Nature Happenings!  There is a special phone number to call to report what they have seen.  We are talking about reporting bugs, rocks, flowers as well as the big fellas like cougars, wolves, elk, deer that they see including their location along with their name so we can give them credit for their report.  We certainly will protect the children by just using their first name however, we want to include a list on all the findings right here on a kid’s report wall we are developing.

If you are interested in promoting this Kid’s Campaign with me, just let me know.  You can add a comment here on this website or for privacy give me a call at 360-504-3591  Just leave a message and I will return your call within 24 hours.

Now, Ias I blog tonight I wanted to also include two other photos.  They are both taken right here. in Port Angeles  The photo above was taken today at Ediz Hook.  Oh, the sun was out and it was so serene.  Love going here at the beginning of every day.  Gives me that time to just enjoy the specialness of our land and sea.

The photo below was taken this weekend.  Went to Olympic National Park.  The road to Hurricane Ridge was closed however, still had such a view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  It was just awesome.

Olympic National Park

This is certainly a time of celebration for me!  Tomorrow I will be going to Vancouver, B.C. to attent the Children and Nature Network Conference.  Look so forward in connecting with people who are part of the mission of igniting smiles through their work with nature and children.

There will be lots to report.  As I am very curious we will see what I learn and who I connect with.

Will be blogging my report on Thursday.  Until then, let me hear from you.  Love many of you to join me in our mission …”celebrating people who are igniting the world with their smiles” and sharing what others are doing in helping bring smiles to those who have challenges.

The Sky is the limit with this mission.  Join me in sending smiles to people throughout the states and the world beyond.

Good Night.  Have a great day tomorrow Spreadin’ Smiles!

                                   Adele  Arnesen, Smilin’ Blogger :}


Spreadin’ Smile Blog and Campaign is brought to you

by Resilience Living, L.L.C. 

Join the 2017 Back Yard Bird Count!

About the 2017 Back Yard Bird count

Back Yard Bird Count, Identifying Birds, and Going Outside is a great way to bring out the smiles as you look for Birds in your area.  Prepare for’ The 20th annual GBBC will be held Friday, February 17, through Monday, February 20, 2017. by downloading the Audubon App…link provided below.   Please visit the official website at birdcount.org for more information and be sure to check out the latest educational and promotional resources.

In  preparation for this count you can download the Audubon App that provides all birds in the Eastern and Western States including sounds and images.  The apps are located on the right side of the page.   This app is free.   Have  placed this app on my phone and tested it out.    As I am a novice…it is fantastic.  It also locates where you live and lists sighting near you.  Again…it is free.  Now I  will prepared to hopefully identify the birds in view.

Send a comment and let me know what you see and if you have any questions.  I will try to find an answer to your questions.