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Celebration Time for Spreadin’ Smiles Blog!

What a day!  I am finally back to this special blog… “Spreadin’ Smiles Blog”

First, I want to thank so many people who have subscribed to my Spreadin’ Smiles Blog.  It is so exciting to see so many of you are interested in reading my blog.  Hopefully, you are also interested in joining me in celebrating people who are igniting the world with their smiles.

Right now…let me share what is happening with this campaign.  All this work has moved to the State of Washington.  There is even a storefront  where I hope you will visit  Our place is called Experiosity Smilin’ Place.  What I plan to do is begin connecting with the community of Port Angeles, Washington.  The town has already reached out to me in wanting to be a part of the mission in bringing smiles through activities we will develop right here at our Experiosity Smilin’ Place.  Have included a photo of our children’s playhouse which will promote both reading and having fun with puppets.  I have never known a puppet who did not bring a smile to anyone’s face.  So…our first phase is to bring art, books and puppets to the Experiosity Smilin’ Place along with calling out to all Kids to become an Experiosity Kid Reporter.

You ask …What does a Kid Reporter report?  Nature Happenings!  There is a special phone number to call to report what they have seen.  We are talking about reporting bugs, rocks, flowers as well as the big fellas like cougars, wolves, elk, deer that they see including their location along with their name so we can give them credit for their report.  We certainly will protect the children by just using their first name however, we want to include a list on all the findings right here on a kid’s report wall we are developing.

If you are interested in promoting this Kid’s Campaign with me, just let me know.  You can add a comment here on this website or for privacy give me a call at 360-504-3591  Just leave a message and I will return your call within 24 hours.

Now, Ias I blog tonight I wanted to also include two other photos.  They are both taken right here. in Port Angeles  The photo above was taken today at Ediz Hook.  Oh, the sun was out and it was so serene.  Love going here at the beginning of every day.  Gives me that time to just enjoy the specialness of our land and sea.

The photo below was taken this weekend.  Went to Olympic National Park.  The road to Hurricane Ridge was closed however, still had such a view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  It was just awesome.

Olympic National Park

This is certainly a time of celebration for me!  Tomorrow I will be going to Vancouver, B.C. to attent the Children and Nature Network Conference.  Look so forward in connecting with people who are part of the mission of igniting smiles through their work with nature and children.

There will be lots to report.  As I am very curious we will see what I learn and who I connect with.

Will be blogging my report on Thursday.  Until then, let me hear from you.  Love many of you to join me in our mission …”celebrating people who are igniting the world with their smiles” and sharing what others are doing in helping bring smiles to those who have challenges.

The Sky is the limit with this mission.  Join me in sending smiles to people throughout the states and the world beyond.

Good Night.  Have a great day tomorrow Spreadin’ Smiles!

                                   Adele  Arnesen, Smilin’ Blogger :}


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Join the 2017 Back Yard Bird Count!

About the 2017 Back Yard Bird count

Back Yard Bird Count, Identifying Birds, and Going Outside is a great way to bring out the smiles as you look for Birds in your area.  Prepare for’ The 20th annual GBBC will be held Friday, February 17, through Monday, February 20, 2017. by downloading the Audubon App…link provided below.   Please visit the official website at for more information and be sure to check out the latest educational and promotional resources.

In  preparation for this count you can download the Audubon App that provides all birds in the Eastern and Western States including sounds and images.  The apps are located on the right side of the page.   This app is free.   Have  placed this app on my phone and tested it out.    As I am a novice…it is fantastic.  It also locates where you live and lists sighting near you.  Again…it is free.  Now I  will prepared to hopefully identify the birds in view.

Send a comment and let me know what you see and if you have any questions.  I will try to find an answer to your questions.

Outdoor Cams added to Spreadin’ Smiles Blog

Hi!  Hope you are having a good week.  I have had a few challenges with this site this week.  You know how it is when you want to have everything go in the right direction and then it happens.

Perfection is a good thing to go for.  However, as things happen and with  a test of patience I now can say I am introducing Warm Creek Smilin’ Place.  As I have dreams for this place I am starting out with  providing some ‘Cams’ for you to enjoy.  One part of our mission is to ignite smiles by bringing nature into our viewers lives.   So, please click on the navigation bar and visit the first cams at Warn Creek Smilin’ Place..  Remember, they are all bringing you a live look at the land and the animals.  Sometimes they escape our view however, they do come back.  Trust me on that.  The only one that is not live  are the bears of the North.

Also, added one more item to our shop.  It is a wall hanging with an attached box to hold your keys. hopefully, with a few smiley faces so when you leave your home or your office you can put some in your pocket.  Just maybe you would like to make someone smile and you will be prepared.  Love giving them out to children as well as adults. Fun celebrating those smiles smiles on their face that are igniting the world around them.

This week I visited the hospital to support a friend.  Filled my pocket with smiley stickers and cards.  Had so much fun giving out the stickers and thanking them for all they do in providing such care.  One nurse was surprised to receive one.  She was happy to get this little sticker.  Her response, “Wait til the rest of the nurses see this.  They will be jealous.”  So, I reached in my pocket and gave her a whole strip and said, “Have fun with these.”  I think it made her very happy to have some fun.

So, as I write to you this morning, I am indeed smilin’.  Of all the projects I have created and worked on , this campaign is the most fun.  Hope you will join me.  If you have not subscribed to our email messages please do.  Also, visit our store!

Hope you enjoy the cams.  I keep one of the cams on my computer.   The first one is a bird feeder.  During the day it is quite lively.

Last thought.   If you have questions or comments please go to our comment page.  Love to hear from you.

Oh…Happy to say this is a secure site.  Just happened.  So when you make a purchase in the store, your information is protected.

Have a great day and  ‘Celebrate your Smile. ‘  We are blessed with many things that are free.  One  thing that does ignite the world is our Smile.   As Mother Teresa said, “Peace begins with a Smile.”  So I say..”Let’s be a part of that campaign!

Until the next time.,  Have a Smilin’ Time wherever you go.


Welcome to the New Year, 2017

Year’s end is neither an end nor a  beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.  Hal Borland

Love this quote by Hal Borland.  What a special life as a writer and naturalist.  Loved traveling and writing for many different small newspapers and a writer for the New York Times writing “Nature Editorials.”

I do want to visit the library and read some of his books.  His love of nature just out in the countryside to the wilderness invites all of us to  go outdoors starting with our own backyard.

What a great way to begin the New Year but choosing some authors  who provide new insights to life and living.  As you can see one of my things to do this week is to go to the library.   Hal Borland is on the top of authors I want to learn more about and gain his special insights on the outdoors.

As Hal Borland’s quote speaks out to me..I agree !  Personally I agree to looking at the new year as a continuous growth of who we are.  I know that I just keep on learning about me and how I can grow in getting out of my own to do more.

So with that in mind, I do hope many of you will join me in connecting with our special day enjoying our world around us and celebrating the wonderful smilin’ people around us.  It is fun.

Without naming names, one smiley sticker was handed out at a restaurant.  The waitress was so kind she received a smiley sticker.  What happened next…?  She was so happy with this little gift she could not help but hug this smilin’ gifter.  This is what happens…dear reader.  I have been doing this for some time.  Amazed every time on how a little smiley sticker brings a special positive connection even for a brief moment.

So Keep on Smilin’!  Join us in Spreadin’ Smiles and go to our store to buy your starter packet.  Hope you will then decide to join  this campaign.  This is also my wish for this year.  Hoping I can in some special way have many join me.

Have a great day!


Writing right here in the “Experiosity Tree House”

Paradise Valley, Montana


Hello everyone!  Happy New Year!  Hope your year is so terrific you will have to pinch yourself.

The Spreadin’ A Smile Campaign project is my main mission for this year.  As  each day begins I always ask myself what am I going to work on today for developing new important parts to the Spreadin’ A Smile Campaign.  I have to experience each step.  As I realize a part is needed for the campaign I take the steps to create an answer.

Now that the small beginner smiley packet is completed,  my next big question was…”How can I remember to take the smiley sticker and cards with me?’  How can a reminder be in front of all of us who join the campaign to begin the day with celebrating smiles throughout the day.

With this big question on where I look to find an answer, I decided to clear my head and go shopping for some items.   Voila, I came up with the answer. .. Wall signs are so popular both at home and in the office. so,  why not create a sign to hang by the entrance  door at home and also for businesses offices.  So I found a shutter I could use and than picked up a box to add and become the home for the smiley stickers and cards.

Voila, the “Ignite Smiles Today” Wall hanging with attached container was created.  I am happy to present to you our next Spreadin’ Smile Product…. The Ignite Smiles Today Wall Sign and Smiley Sticker container.  Hope you like it.

Since these signs have my brushes on it, I can paint another saying that would be better for you.  Already, a person has asked for his message to read :Smiles Ignite Happiness.”

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call 352-250-6107.

Again…looking for more Smilin’ ideas.  If you wish to share some ideas please contact me.

Have a great day and great week,


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The Experiosity Project


Holiday Greetings and Smiles to all!

Merry Christmas and  Happy Hanukkah, Dear Readers!  This is a season of celebration.  We wish everyone a wonderful and blessed holiday season.   Here in the mountains of Montana the snow brings to all of us a picture book feeling of what we view on Christmas cards.

May all of you treasure your moments with family and friends.  May you share many smiles on your journey throughout the holidays.  What a special time to celebrate all the treasures of friendships.

This Christmas I am so thrilled to share Spreadin’ Smiles Packet with friends that include many smileys to give out to others.  So much fun as my friends take a look at the packet and begin to open it to view the contents.  I am having so much fun watching the expressions on everyone’s faces as they wonder what this is all about.  What made me so happy is that they all seemed to enjoy looking through the little packet.

As this celebration is the beginning of the “Spreadin’ a Smile Campaign”  with the Mission to celebrate those who ignite our world around us with their smiles,  it makes me feel so humble to be able to highlight the gift of this idea.  The smiles that are around me in this world are unbelievable.  They have probably been there all the time however, never noticed as many as I do now.  The more I do this and hand out smileys the more I gain a connection with the people around me.  It is this connection that I am pushing.  I want everyone to feel the same moments.  There is a quote on the packet.  “Peace begins with a Smile,” by Mother Teresa.  Have you witnessed a crying child in Walmart or in a restaurant and wishing the little one would somehow stop crying.  Parents always are so frustrated.  So….wanted to test what a Smiley would do.   So every chance I get I give out a Smiley to these dear cryin’ little ones  Guess what happens…tears stop and after a look at the little smiley on their hand, each one looks up, stares at me, and all of a sudden sends me a smile through all their tears.  Some adults are shocked when this stranger comes up to them and  thanks them for their smile as I hand them a smiley and say  thank you for making this a bright moment.

Smilin’ is magic to all around.  I know I reap the benefits.  It opens a connection with others.  I have received jokes, new friendships with stories to name a few.  Someone even wanted to know who I was and wanted to write my name on the ballot for President of the United States.  Could not believe that one and neither could my friends who witnessed this.

The stories are endless.  I invite you to join me in this mission…  celebrating others who freely ignite the world around them with their  smiles.  I have just started a little shop with smile items including the little smile packet I have put together.  As this week moves on during the holidays. I will be posting caps, signs, and bags that have my hand prints on them as I create various fun items to promote smiles for this campaign.  If you have any ideas send them along via this site or on our Spreadin’ Smiles facebook page.  .  Love to hear from you.

Or ….send an email to  I would be so grateful to receive your ideas as well as joining me in spreading the word celebrating smiles.   Have so many goals to meet to support the growth of this mission including giving forward to the setting up of a non-profit to promote our natural world that certainly brings out the smiles in everyone.   It will include  nature books for kids.   Literacy is so important.  This will be a fun way of supporting the celebration of smiles; moreover, making a difference in the youth of our children and preserving our land.

Do bookmark this site.  More to come as all parts to this new trail are falling in place.  It is like having many puzzle pieces that are slowly providing a picture that I know will be truly wonderful!  You are definitely a piece to the puzzle.

So…Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!  As we also like to give out Hugs and Smiles.  Know a Hug and a Smile are coming your way.

Special Thoughts from Adele

Love to hear from you …go to Contact us.

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GIVE A SMILE …A Special Poem by Debra Kraner

By Debra Kraner
Just reach out, you’re almost there
It’s so important to show you care
No need to talk or even touch
A simple smile can mean so much
It can lift your spirits
If you’re feeling blue
When someone turns
And smiles at you
It has a magic
That’s special to see
Makes attitudes change
So easily
Test it yourself
On some passerby
Make someone’s day
Give a smile, don’t be shy
Your sweet little smile
Can go a long way
To heal what’s been hurting
Or brighten a day
The magic, my friend,
Only starts then and there
You see it’s contagious
It spreads everywhere.
You gave one
They caught it
and now they’re aware
of the power in a smile
and it’s their
Turn to share.
Thank you, Debra, for this special Poem.  Your special poem will be enjoyed by many as we realize your message within you poem “Share A Smile” can create magic.  Our smile can heal, become contagious and has the power to light up our lives.  You gift to Spreadin’ A Smile Campaign is so special.  Know that we are sending a smile back to you!
This is brought to you by
Resilience Living, L.L.C.
Experiosity Project
Spreadin’ A Smile Campaign

Smile Medicine

Good Morning to all from Port Angeles Washington.  Have been traveling and doing photo shoots of the areas of the Pacific Northwest.  Oh so love the combination of the mountains and the Sea.   It just does something to my inner soul.  If I were to explain ….well, the natural land around me is like medicine.  The dosage can be consumed and absorbed continuously.    There is no limitation to the amount I can take.  As the old saying goes…”The more the Merrier.”

This morning as I awoke to a sweet nudge from my little Gracie, I realized that it was time to get up and get out.  So pushing myself out of  bed with a waggin’ tail beside me saying move faster, I threw on some clothes and we headed out.  Usually we take a short walk, however, not today.  We needed some smilin’ medicine and some good coffee.

Believe it or not I love McDonald’s Coffee!  I also know that I will meet a friendly face as well.  I have never had other than a smile when I visit the neighborhood McDonald’s wherever I am and not receive a “Smile” and “Have a Good Day.”  So that is what we did.  We had our short walk, received a container of coffee and than off we went to the ships in the harbor of Port Angeles.


If you have not been to Port Angeles,  there are many tankers that come to the harbor to unload their products.  You will also see the ferry going back and forth across the waters to Victoria as well.  Today, the waters were so tranquil.  When we arrived at the waters Gracie just would not give in to me just sitting there and having some coffee.  We had to get out and go for a walk.

With coffee in hand, we did just that.  There is a place where you can stand by the harbor right off the walkway.  When you walk down the short flight of stairs you feel like you are on board a ship.  The architect who designed this area ….thank you!  Also, thank you Gracie as I would not have gotten as much out of this morning adventure just sitting in the car.  We were feeling the thrill of being in this spot.  Gracie never stopped waving her tail as I just gazed at the rocks before me as the water lapped along the ridge.  The rocks just sparkled in the sunlight.  Along with the rocks there was large remnants of kelp that had traveled from the bottoms of the waters as well.  I had to look a number of times because some looked like rope.  Amazing…I just keep on learning more about the Natural World wherever I go.

All of this brings a smile to my heart and soul.  With Gracie I even find myself giving an outward laugh at her findings as well.  She is oh so curious.  She always uncovers treasures I could easily overlook.

What Natural Medicine!   Nature makes me smile from the inside out!  For those who do not know me, I do smile a lot.  Always have smiled since I was a little one.  It is a gift I carry around with me.

There are moments when I feel like a grump!  I know it!  I feel it!  I can also see it in the mirror!  I hate that feeling.  What do I do to change it?  I make sure I smile back at me as I look in the mirror.  I talk to myself with a quick command…smile Adele.  You look like a grump!  When I do this I turn raise my cheeks upward and low and behold, a smile appears.   Try it …it is the best medicine and does not cost 1 cent.  Do not need a pill and you immediately feel silly and better all at the same time.  You ask, “How long have you been doing this?”  My answer…since I was a child.  I guess I always wanted to feel that sunshine within and when I smiled I received the same thing back at me.

So… I wish you a Smilin’ Day!  Start with a walk wherever you are.  Be Curious!  Be In the Moment!  Take in all that is around you!  The Natural World in the greatest medicine for what ails us if we are having that kind of day.  Start the day out with a Smile in the Mirror than have …as I call it…An Experiosity Day.  Experiencing the day with Experiences…Adventure and Curiosity!  Share your smile with others.  Spreadin’ A Smile Brightens the World around you.  So Ignite that smile, step out and Have a Great Day!

Would love to hear from you.  Either send a comment below and/or visit Our facebook  page… Spreadin’  Smiles.

The mission of this campaign wants to include You!  Join me!  More to come…so stay tuned to this Smilin’ Frequency!  This is brought to you by Resilience Living, L.L.C.  and Adele Arnesen, Founder of this initiative, The Sharin’ A Smile Campaign.

Best to You,

Adele Arnesen and My side kick, Gracie



Spreadin’ A Smile now has a Facebook Page!!!!!

globe-resizeHi Everyone!  This is so exciting.  An important part of this campaign is to have a place to share thoughts and actions on Smilin.’   As we join together Spreadin’ Smiles we now have a facebook page.  Please visit this our Spreadin’ A Smile Facebook page,   and add comments on thoughts on what Smiles mean to you. as well something you think will send out a smile to our visitors.

As the campaign progresses we will have different packages available in our Warm Creek Smilin’ Cafe  to help you bring this campaign right to your door step.

Additional Comments can be shared right here as well…Let us here from you.