About Spreadin’ A Smile


Adele Arnesen Welcomes You to Spreadin’ A Smile.   Our main mission is to “Ignite A Smile”  and “Celebrate Smiles.”

This started along time ago when I recognized how special a smile was to me.  The smile sent out to me made me feel so special.  I felt such a warmth!  At times I would just make sure I said thank you for that special smile.  Sometimes I would write a quick note if it was one of those hard working sales people.

As a life coach and a lover of the outside world, I continue to acknowledge Smiles and know that it makes me so good when I send out a Smile as well as catching a smile from another.

So this past year I decided to do more to thank people for their smiles and kindnesses.  I bought 1000 smile stickers just to test out how people would react to a smiley sticker.  Placed a bunch of stickers in my pocket and went on with my day.  Before I knew it I was noticing more smiles than I thought was out there.  They were all around me.  I bought an ice cream cone at a drive through.  There was my first smile.  The gal at the window was having fun handing me my cone.  With that I thanked her for her smile and handed her a smiley sticker.  She quickly put it on her shirt.  Her thank you warmed the cockles of my heart.rich martin

I then noticed others who received a smiley thank you!  People not only said “Thank You,” moreover, shared stories about challenges that they had experienced in life and yet they knew that they needed to be positive and smile.  Heard many stories!  Oh, was I having fun.  One lady even cried when she received her smiley face.  That was quite an experience and lesson for me.

Today is a rough time for many of us.  Since I began my life coaching. Resilience Living, L.L.C.  my world had been engaged in personal campaigns to make a difference.  Now, I am hoping to expand my passion on Spreadin’ and Sharin’ a Smile to form a Smile Team.

The world is filled with a need for a smile.  Will you join me and support this campaign?  Teachers, Coaches, Business Entrepreneurs, Parents, Kids, and Individuals this is about a fun way of connecting with others and make a difference.  This is an interactive campaign to share stories of how we are making a difference with each other in sharin’ and spreadin’ our smiles.

We have a radio show, this blog site and a facebook page to market our smiles.  This campaign needs your input to share smiles with the people around you.  Our shop provides smilin’ tees, containers filled with smiley faces.  So check out our shop as well as read our blog on Daily Spreadin’ Our Smiles.

Hope you will know how a Smile is big key to Resilience Living.  We call this having “An Experiosity Moment


































Ignite….Smile….Brighten the World