GIVE A SMILE …A Special Poem by Debra Kraner

By Debra Kraner
Just reach out, you’re almost there
It’s so important to show you care
No need to talk or even touch
A simple smile can mean so much
It can lift your spirits
If you’re feeling blue
When someone turns
And smiles at you
It has a magic
That’s special to see
Makes attitudes change
So easily
Test it yourself
On some passerby
Make someone’s day
Give a smile, don’t be shy
Your sweet little smile
Can go a long way
To heal what’s been hurting
Or brighten a day
The magic, my friend,
Only starts then and there
You see it’s contagious
It spreads everywhere.
You gave one
They caught it
and now they’re aware
of the power in a smile
and it’s their
Turn to share.
Thank you, Debra, for this special Poem.  Your special poem will be enjoyed by many as we realize your message within you poem “Share A Smile” can create magic.  Our smile can heal, become contagious and has the power to light up our lives.  You gift to Spreadin’ A Smile Campaign is so special.  Know that we are sending a smile back to you!
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Resilience Living, L.L.C.
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Spreadin’ A Smile Campaign

Smile Medicine

Good Morning to all from Port Angeles Washington.  Have been traveling and doing photo shoots of the areas of the Pacific Northwest.  Oh so love the combination of the mountains and the Sea.   It just does something to my inner soul.  If I were to explain ….well, the natural land around me is like medicine.  The dosage can be consumed and absorbed continuously.    There is no limitation to the amount I can take.  As the old saying goes…”The more the Merrier.”

This morning as I awoke to a sweet nudge from my little Gracie, I realized that it was time to get up and get out.  So pushing myself out of  bed with a waggin’ tail beside me saying move faster, I threw on some clothes and we headed out.  Usually we take a short walk, however, not today.  We needed some smilin’ medicine and some good coffee.

Believe it or not I love McDonald’s Coffee!  I also know that I will meet a friendly face as well.  I have never had other than a smile when I visit the neighborhood McDonald’s wherever I am and not receive a “Smile” and “Have a Good Day.”  So that is what we did.  We had our short walk, received a container of coffee and than off we went to the ships in the harbor of Port Angeles.


If you have not been to Port Angeles,  there are many tankers that come to the harbor to unload their products.  You will also see the ferry going back and forth across the waters to Victoria as well.  Today, the waters were so tranquil.  When we arrived at the waters Gracie just would not give in to me just sitting there and having some coffee.  We had to get out and go for a walk.

With coffee in hand, we did just that.  There is a place where you can stand by the harbor right off the walkway.  When you walk down the short flight of stairs you feel like you are on board a ship.  The architect who designed this area ….thank you!  Also, thank you Gracie as I would not have gotten as much out of this morning adventure just sitting in the car.  We were feeling the thrill of being in this spot.  Gracie never stopped waving her tail as I just gazed at the rocks before me as the water lapped along the ridge.  The rocks just sparkled in the sunlight.  Along with the rocks there was large remnants of kelp that had traveled from the bottoms of the waters as well.  I had to look a number of times because some looked like rope.  Amazing…I just keep on learning more about the Natural World wherever I go.

All of this brings a smile to my heart and soul.  With Gracie I even find myself giving an outward laugh at her findings as well.  She is oh so curious.  She always uncovers treasures I could easily overlook.

What Natural Medicine!   Nature makes me smile from the inside out!  For those who do not know me, I do smile a lot.  Always have smiled since I was a little one.  It is a gift I carry around with me.

There are moments when I feel like a grump!  I know it!  I feel it!  I can also see it in the mirror!  I hate that feeling.  What do I do to change it?  I make sure I smile back at me as I look in the mirror.  I talk to myself with a quick command…smile Adele.  You look like a grump!  When I do this I turn raise my cheeks upward and low and behold, a smile appears.   Try it …it is the best medicine and does not cost 1 cent.  Do not need a pill and you immediately feel silly and better all at the same time.  You ask, “How long have you been doing this?”  My answer…since I was a child.  I guess I always wanted to feel that sunshine within and when I smiled I received the same thing back at me.

So… I wish you a Smilin’ Day!  Start with a walk wherever you are.  Be Curious!  Be In the Moment!  Take in all that is around you!  The Natural World in the greatest medicine for what ails us if we are having that kind of day.  Start the day out with a Smile in the Mirror than have …as I call it…An Experiosity Day.  Experiencing the day with Experiences…Adventure and Curiosity!  Share your smile with others.  Spreadin’ A Smile Brightens the World around you.  So Ignite that smile, step out and Have a Great Day!

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The mission of this campaign wants to include You!  Join me!  More to come…so stay tuned to this Smilin’ Frequency!  This is brought to you by Resilience Living, L.L.C.  and Adele Arnesen, Founder of this initiative, The Sharin’ A Smile Campaign.

Best to You,

Adele Arnesen and My side kick, Gracie