Spreadin’ A Smile now has a Facebook Page!!!!!

globe-resizeHi Everyone!  This is so exciting.  An important part of this campaign is to have a place to share thoughts and actions on Smilin.’   As we join together Spreadin’ Smiles we now have a facebook page.  Please visit this our Spreadin’ A Smile Facebook page,   and add comments on thoughts on what Smiles mean to you. as well something you think will send out a smile to our visitors.

As the campaign progresses we will have different packages available in our Warm Creek Smilin’ Cafe  to help you bring this campaign right to your door step.

Additional Comments can be shared right here as well…Let us here from you.


Recipe for Spreadin’ a Smile

So thrilled to begin this “Spreadin A Smile Campaign.”  The has been a grass roots campaign and now feel it is about time to invite all of you to join us.

The time is so right.  People are going through so many challenges.  News is filled with so many upsetting moments.  However, there are moments where people are sharing their positive attitude with a smile.  Each and every day people are sharing a smile as they pass us on the sidewalk, passing us in the store or asking  us if we need help.  Teachers are spending time motivating our children, nurses and doctors are helping us feel better….  There are many who are inviting us to go outside and enjoy nature.

There are so many people all around us helping us feel good.  Do we recognize these people?  Not always… since we are always in a rush.   We send out nothing back to these people to say thank you.   Yet these people are trying to make us feel good.

Appreciating people around us who are Spreadin’ A Smile is the main motive for Visitthis blog.  This blog is also going to share fun stuff that show how people are appreciating other people’s smiles.  Fun ways people are Spreadin’ A Smile.
Sky is the limit.  This is a blog that is going to be open to guests as well.  Hoping you will want to join Our Smile Team.

We want to touch all ages.  Your comments are valuable to us.  So share what you do to share and spread a smile.

Visit our page “About Us” to learn more.

Have a great day and remember to notice others who are smiling back at you.  Remember, to send out your special to others.